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My Story

Hello friends, I am Christina.


I am a Feminine Healing Mentor with 10+ years of experience in intuitive energy work, inner polarity work, and feminine devotion to God the Masculine. 

I am here to guide women in remembering - and claiming - their birthright of being cherished, protected, and provided for by God.

I guide others in this because I myself have walked this path. The themes of my journey have been healing the Father wound, alchemizing trauma and unworthiness/shame, and finding safety, joy and peace in my relationship with men and the masculine.


Years ago, I was initiated onto my journey through a highly turbulent romantic relationship. This relationship showed me every last part of me unloved, unresolved, and aching for the Father's love (although I didn't know it at the time.) It led me to dive deep into personal growth and healing. I even become an intuitive healer myself. I integrated many lost parts and healed, and yet... something was missing. 

I reached for something deeper to truly pierce the root of my Father wound and the recurring patterns of anxiety, rejection, and strife in my relationships with men. There was a black vacuum in my heart - deep down, I felt alone. 

In time, I was introduced to the concept of God the Father and feminine devotion through a teacher I worked with at the time. As I began cultivating a relationship with God, my life was forever changed. It was THE healing I needed and could not find no matter how many new age healing modalities I tried. It pierced into the center of that vacuum in my heart and restored my worthiness, erected my self worth, and showed me that I am the Holy Daughter... eternally treasured and protected.

I have since devoted myself to allowing God into every area of my life and deepening my relationship with Christ. I assist my clients in doing the same


It is my greatest joy to guide women in this work. I truly believe when a woman reclaims her identity as the Holy Daughter, the whole world changes.

Thank you for visiting & I hope to meet you soon!

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