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Intuitive Healing Sessions

To return God the Father to the center of your heart and heal your relationship with the masculine.

This is for women who:

- Are ready to truly go to the root of their dysfunction, pain, and wounding towards men and the masculine

- Feel a yearning on their heart for union and devotional partnership with a man, free of all the old patterns and pain in their past relationships

- Struggle with low self worth, poor boundaries, and being treated as a doormat in their relationships

- Experience anxiety with men and are ready to call in deeper levels of safety, nervous system regulation, and trust with the masculine

- Feel they are at a crossroads in their life and relationships and know that healing their relationship with God/the masculine is the answer

What we’ll do in the session:

Each session will be a mix of intuitive coaching and potent intuitive work directed by God

You can expect: discovering the state of your inner feminine template, meeting God the Father, learning how to receive him into your body, alchemizing old pain and wounding from your father/past relationships, and more.



- Sessions are 90 minutes long

- We’ll meet over messenger audio (or simple via phone if you don't have messenger) 

- You'll receive three days of integration support via messenger 

- You'll receive my Dream It to Receive It Workbook for getting crystal clear on your desired relationship


$300 USD 

Purchase Here

(Once you purchase, you can email me at to schedule your session.)

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