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You long for union, partnership, and love.

Something that surpasses all the relationships you've had thus far.

It may seem impossible to your mind...

"I could never have that."
"No man has every treated me that way."
"That doesn't exist." 

And yet, this longing is persistent. It never goes away.

You've settled for the best you think is possible,
winding up in the same painful situations with men over and over.

And yet, the longing is still there.

Through the heartbreak, dissapointment, and recurring patterns. 

This longing for union will never go away,
because it is your DESTINY.

There's a reason you long for what you do.

It is an invitation from God saying,
"Come this way. The love you desire is waiting for you."

When you've said YES to that invitation from God,
and said YES to your destiny for love and partnership...

You are asked to then prepare by restoring your inner union template.

Your inner union template is the wholeness within you which feels worthy of what she longs for,

and has so much self worth that she will not settle for less.

This course will walk you through the 4 essential steps of preparation neces
sary to restore your inner union template and receive the love you desire in God's timing. 

This is a God-led journey

of receiving the relationship of your dreams. 




You desire:

  • A loving, sacred, deep partnership with a man, to have the relationship you long for

  • A rich, personal relationship with God the Masculine, feeling completely taken care of and loved, no matter what

  • A solid sense of self worth, giving you the strength and discernment to say no to anything which is not good or helpful for you

  • A deep sense of worthiness and connection to your feminine purity, knowing how absolutely worthy you are of everything you long for in love and beyond 

  • To magnetize and draw your desired partnership without having to try and make it happen or forcing it in any way

And yet you're experiencing:​

  • Recurring situations with men where you are not chosen, cherished, taken care of, or met in the way you desire​

  • Relationships which simply trigger your core wounds over and over with no repair

  • Feeling alone and abandoned by God, like you've been forgotten

  • Longing for union yet doubting or not feeling worthy you can have it

  • Struggling with boundaries and self worth in your relationships, feeling used/ghosted/devastated

  • Trying all the things, yet nothing works. You're ready to go the root of your patterns with men and heal them once and for all.


This course will place you squarely on the path of your highest destiny in love and partnership, and will help you prepare for, align to, and receive it in perfect timing.

Without the constant heartbreak.
Without the painful cycles over and over.
Without the doubt, hopelessness, and despair.  

In the Preparing for Union course, I am going to take you on a journey through the 4 essential steps in preparing for your union:

1. Longing

  • Access, accept, and receive your longing fully

  • Know exactly what your God-given longing feels like in your body, and say yes to it

2. Clarity

  • Translate your longing into crystal clarity​

  • Develop the structure to encase your longing and stay 100% aligned with it

3. Worthiness

  • Expand your worthiness for the relationship you long for

  • Allow God (and yourself) to Reparent all parts of you in shame and unworthiness, so your union can come into your life with ease and grace

4. Commitment & Devotion

  • Maintain the energetic space which will magnetize your beloved to you in the most accelerated and direct way possible

  • Learn to devote to and worship God the masculine as a precursor to receiving your Beloved

What you receive in the Preparing for Union course:


There are 2 tiers. Each comes with lifetime access to all course materials plus a 1 hour private session with me.


  • 4 written modules with video and homework/practices 

  • 1 hour private session with me ($300 value)

2. VIP

  • 4 written modules with video and homework/practices 

  • 1 hour private session with me ($300 value)

  • 2 group coaching support/Q+A calls

  • Private Facebook group where you can share experiences/ask questions and receive support M-F by me


What if I'm currently in a relationship, but am unsatisfied? Can I still take this course?

Absolutely. If you feel the longing for something beyond what you're currently experiencing in your relationship, you're being asked to prepare for something new. This could mean your relationship evolves or you're asked to leave. But either way, God is knocking on your door. 

What if I'm not specifically desiring a relationship right now? Will this course still be helpful?

Absolutely! This course will still be helpful for you, as it will help you restore a framework of wholeness within you which will align you with your highest destiny, whether that's for relationship or otherwise. 

How long will it take me to move through the course?

That's up to you, but at the very least, 4 weeks. I suggest spending at least 1 week in each module, but more if needed to fully integrate the work. 

Is this a religious course?
No. I support women in cultivating a relationship with God as Father, but I am not speaking to the dogmatic religious programming around what that is. I speak from my own direct revelations with God, and that's what I'll support you in cultivating.

Are there refunds?

No refunds, but I trust you'll receive all the value with this course. :)


Are you ready to say YES to your destiny in love & union?



Thank you. You'll receive an email when registration opens.

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