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A 3 MONTH group program TO RETURN YOU TO YOUR SACRED IDENTITY AS the holy daughter of god.

Imagine feeling deeply at rest...

In your mind, body, soul, nervous system... in your entire being.

Imagine feeling completely backed, supported, and provided for on every level by an unconditionally loving, all-powerful, provisional masculine force. 

Resting in the safest, sturdiest arms your feminine soul has ever known...

A Father.

Not a biological Father. Not a physical man.


But an eternal Father who is always there waiting for you in full embrace of everything that you are. 

No matter the storm that you're in, he's there.

He guides you, takes care of you, and shows you over and over again that you were never alone, forgotten, or unwanted.

THIS is the healing you're hungering for.

This is the the nourishment you've been searching for all these years.


 To return to your rightful place as the Holy Daughter in relationship with the Heavenly Father. 

Protected, safe, and loved unconditionally.


Here's the truth, beautiful woman:

You were designed to operate as the Holy Daughter of God.

To be positioned under him, under his care, provision, and protection.

Adored, chosen, and seen.

Deeply connected to Him every second of every day, feeling his peace and presence permeating through every cell in your body.

This is your birthright, and yet you're...

Trying to carry it all on your own, believing that ultimately it's all up to you. 

Pushing, forcing, struggling.

Feeling like you can't rest. 

Needing to prove to the world how capable & independent you are.

Moving from relationship to relationship with men, facing the same patterns over and over (rejection, avoidance, dissapointment, fill in the blank).

But there's a pain deep inside you which you cannot shake...

It manifests as physical symptoms of burnout, anxiety, recurring pain with men, trouble truly opening yourself up, and more. 

These symptoms are due to the fact that you're living your life from the fracture of feeling unchosen and unloved by your biological father and/or the masculine.

You likely have some level of resistance to God the Father, or just simply don't believe he's real. 

And yet, you live your life from with this gnawing feeling of abandonment and loneliness.

Underneath it all is a tender little girl searching for the Father. 

He's right there waiting.

Will you take his hand?



The Holy Daughter Revival

a 3 month group experience

This group program will support you in reigniting your relationship

to God the Father and will return you to your

sacred position as the Holy Daughter

Growth, miracles & transformation you can expect on this 3 month journey:

  • Deep repair & healing of your Father wound (both towards your biological father & God the Father)

  •  A revival of your feminine worthiness, innocence, inner beauty, and radiance - knowing in your bones how sacred & loved you are 

  • A rich, ever-present connection with God that is always available 

  • An enhanced ability to hear the voice of God and receive instructions/guidance

  • A rebirthing of your sense of self, seeing yourself clearly from the eyes of God 

  • An expansion of your self worth, upleveling all your standards & creating boundaries to protect your sacredness (your inner masculine protector)

  • The repair of your deepest childhood wounds by being reparented by yourself (the mother) and God the Father 

  • A deep peace in your body, mind & spirit as you trust fully in God's provision for you, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically

  • A transformed relationship to men- experiencing greater support & provision with the men in your life (whether you're partnered or seeking partnership)

  • The clearing & removal of anything in your life which is not aligned to your highest destiny - & a powerful alignment to your destiny & the gifts God has for you

Flower Shadow

This program was created for the woman who:

  • Is tired and burnt out from having to hold it all in her business, life, family, relationships... but doesn't know another way

  • Struggles with truly letting love in & being vulnerable, feels blocked in her heart

  • Faces recurring patterns with men, likely mirroring her relationship with her father/masculine figures growing up

  • Feels distrusting of God (or even the idea of God) and yet knows she is being called to heal her relationship with Him

  • Feels confused about who/what God is, and yet yearns for this relationship

  • Feels stuck in truly healing her core wounds, despite trying a million different practices/modalities

  • Feels alone, deep down, and wonders if she really is loved

  • Desires a provisional, loving, beautiful relationship with a godly man (or to deepen her current relationship), yet doesn't know how to actually attract and receive this level of partnership



  • 12 week container, beginning week of March 20th (call times TBD based on participants' availability)

  • Nine 60-90 min group zoom calls - 3 calls per month with last week of month off for integration

  • Calls will consist of a combination of: teaching, group healings, and space for group sharing/Q+A

You'll also receive:

  • Private group voxer (voice messaging app) for unlimited weekday support by me

  • Lifetime access to a private library with practices, healings & exercises 

  • Recordings for all calls 

  • A safe, intimate group of women to share with & be witnessed by

Themes we'll cover:

1. Growing your connection with God the Father​​​​​​​

  • Purifying distortions about the Father (from your biological father/culture/etc.)

  • Meeting the Father in his true form 


2. Learning how to receive his penetration/love in your heart

  • Mastering the somatic practice of letting God fill you up

  • Know how to discern what is God & what is not

3. Be reborn in your identity as the Holy Daughter

  • Be reparented by mother (you) and Father (God), alchemizing shame/unworthiness & allowing God to repair your core wounds

  • Activate your inner masculine protector (God's frame integrated into your being) 

  • Melt into a homecoming into your own essence, seeing yourself in your innocence & purity from God's eyes

4. Experience True Provision & Devotion

  • Learn to hand your heart & your burdens over to God 

  • Learn to hear the voice of God 

  • Allow God to guide and lead you towards your destiny 

  • When does registration close?
    Registration closes March 15th.
  • Is this a religious course?​​​
    No, this course is not founded upon organized religion, but rather the magic that happens when we develop a personal, direct relationship with God. I speak from my lived experiences in this work and the healing I have assisted my clients in. I urge you to see if you can be curious and open minded to explore this relationship with God - beyond the sour taste you may have gotten from organized religion. There is so much beauty and healing here for you.
  • But isn't worshipping the Father partriarchal?
    I understand where you're coming from and have been there myself. But... no. What most of us think about when we hear the word patriarchy is the unchecked, inverted power of the masculine out of balance on our planet. We're talking men who are not aligned to God or the Father principle. Men who are not here to protect the sacred (which is one of the masculine's core functions). There is so much transformation available to you when you unwind these inversions in your own consciousness and come into relationship with the True Masculine - God the Father. The world actually needs more of this, not less.
  • What about God as Mother?
    This course is specifically focused on helping women heal their father wound by coming into relationship with God the Father. I believe the sacred quality of the Mother is embedded into this planet, and our work as women is to embody the sacred feminine qualities God gave us. We don't worship her, but we embody her. When you give your heart to God, you are embodying & honoring the sacred feminine.
  • Are there refunds?
  • Will you ever offer this again?
    Perhaps, but this will be the lowest price it's ever offered at. Meaning, if you feel the call, now's the time!
  • When does the program start?
    The container officially begins sometime in week of March 20th, exact time TBD based on participants' schedules.

Your Guide

Hello, I'm Christina. I am a Feminine Healing Mentor with 10+ years of experience in intuitive energy work, inner union cultivation, and feminine devotion to God the Masculine. ​I am here to guide women in remembering - and claiming - their birthright of being cherished, protected, and provided for by God.

I guide others in this because I myself have walked this path.  The core of my journey has been around healing the Father wound (manifesting through rejection with men, low self worth, disconnection from my true essence, etc.) I spent years trying all sorts of modalities, practices, and even became a healer myself... yet something was missing. 


​I reached for something deeper to truly pierce the root of my Father wound. There was a black vacuum in my heart - deep down, I felt alone. 

In time, I found my way to a teacher who guided me to connect with God and cultivate a relationship with him - and. my life was forever changed. It was THE healing I needed and could not find no matter how many new age healing modalities I tried. It pierced into the center of that vacuum in my heart and restored my worthiness, erected my self worth, and restored my true identity as Holy Daughter of God.

I have since devoted myself to allowing God into every area of my life, to heal and repair me in ways I never knew possible. I assist my clients in doing the same. It is my greatest joy to guide women in this work. 


Are you ready to let out that huge sigh of relief and finally hand it all over to God?


How to Sign Up:

1. Click on the payment option that best works for you below

2. Submit payment

3. Check your email for all the important details!

*Please note all amounts are in USD.

  • HDR - Pay in Full

    1 Payment of $1700
    • 3 Month Group Experience
    • Nine 90 minute Group Calls
    • Private library with Recordings, PDFs & Practices
    • Private Group Voxer w/ Unlimited Weekday Support by Me
  • HDR- Payment Plan

    Every month
    3 Payments of $615 (earlybird pricing)
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Month Group Experience
    • Nine 90 minute Group Calls
    • Private library with Recordings, PDFs & Practices
    • Private Group Voxer w/ Unlimited Weekday Support by Me
  • HDR- VIP Pay in Full

    1 Payment of $2000
    • 3 Private 60min. Sessions ($900 value)
    • 3 Month Group Experience
    • Nine 90 minute Group Calls
    • Private library with Recordings, PDFs & Practices
    • Private Group Voxer w/ Unlimited Weekday Support by Me
  • HDR-VIP Payment Plan

    Every month
    3 payments of $715
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Private 60min. Sessions ($900 value)
    • 3 Month Group Experience
    • Nine 90 minute Group Calls
    • Private library with Recordings, PDFs & Practices
    • Private Group Voxer w/ Unlimited Weekday Support by Me

Any questions, contact

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