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Pure, Holy Feminine Magnetism comes from Vulnerability

There's something magical that happens, when we touch our own vulnerability.

It's like this shrine of pretending crumbles down to the bare minimum

simple, honest, pure

this place, and only this place, is where the blessings designed just for you from god, from source, the blessings that will truly nourish you & feed your deepest yearnings, can come...

this is what I talk about when I talk about "soul desires"

Some may refer to this place as "the yearning heart"

It's all talking about this place of need.

Not the "need" everybody bashes on, but a pure, true & honest need, born of vulnerability

It's like... the wall comes down the truth is revealed and what's left is the place where the true medicine can enter

It's from *this place* that calling in a beloved or something you're desiring is amplified a million times

True magnetism.

Because it's coming from purity

And purity is often found in the pain & the dissolution.

My desire is to help others access this part within them

To welcome in a beloved from this place To operate from this place To navigate from this place

So they can be truly nourished & magnetic to what's best for them

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