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Lotus Flower


My mentorship is a powerful offering for women who are ready to stop hiding behind the curtain of shame and unworthiness, attracting unavailable/non-devotional men, and living a life that’s disconnected from their true feminine essence and deepest desires.

These women are ready to finally return to their true identity as the Holy Daughter of God, to open the doorway to the full provision and protection from God, and to begin living the life of their deepest heart's desires. They are ready to give their life to God in pure devotion to become a vessel for the creation of Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 

This program gets best results for women experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Feels an underlying sense of being abandoned (by God and the masculine as a whole) 

  • Feels discouraged and hopeless in her relationships, continually attracting non-devotional men

  • Has a deep yearning or calling in her heart for the relationship/career/life of her dreams, yet doesn’t believe she can have it or that she's worthy of it

  • Holds deep pain towards her Father and/or other masculine figures in her life 

  • Settles for breadcrumbs in relationships, her career, or other aspects of her life, struggles with boundaries and knowing her worth 

  • Is overwhelmed and burnt out - feels like it's up to her to carry all the burdens in life

  • Feels disillusioned by the New Age and feels a call to Christ (or is open and willing to explore that)


These women are ready to:

  • Return to her birthright of being the Holy Daughter of God - eternally provided for, protected, loved and guided

  • Surrender fully to God in humility, devotion, and willingness, letting go of HER way & hyper-independence

  • Receive the relationship of their dreams and meet their beloved - a man who chooses, claims, and commits to them in full devotion

  • Increase their self worth and fortify their boundaries, allowing them to naturally attract relationships, situations, and opportunities which align with their true desires

  • Live in a state of inner peace and nervous system regulation, where they finally feel at rest and taken care of

  • Embody and live from their true feminine design, uniqueness, and radiance, in which they are magnetic to receive the exact medicine they desire and need from God, men, and life as a whole

This container is God-led and it will take shape according to your unique transformation. 

Our sessions typically include half coaching/mentoring and then intuitive healing work.

I will provide practices, pdfs, and resources to support your journey. 

Sliding scale spots are available. 


  • 4, 8, or 12 week containers available 

  • Unlimited voice/text support in between sessions 

  • Free access to any other program I'm running at the time

  • Free access to a library of resources, classes, PDFs, and resources

Want to talk more?

Send me a message via the contact form on my site and we'll discuss if this is the right offering for you.


Interested in a single session or shorter program?


Reach out to me. I'd be happy to offer you a customized program. 

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