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It's time to come home to yourself, to stand in your self worth, and to live the life your soul desires

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In the Sacred Cup, you'll get everything you need to deepen your self love, expand your self worth, and be the cup to receive your soul's magic.


You want to love yourself, have greater self worth & confidence.


You need a clear, down-to-earth system & understanding that will actually help you do that.


You've tried the advice from pop psychology & self help books but it doesn't seem to truly shift things for you


You long for your free, joyous & playful self. You long to feel nurtured, taken care of & to receive. You long to feel sturdy in your self love & self worth, no matter what is happening on the outside.


You're tired of feeling disconnected, exhausted, numb, out of touch.


You wish there was a way to just be the real you, let go & receive.


You wish you saw the sacredness & power in your eyes & knew your worth, down to your bones.

You're in the perfect place.
This is exactly what I walk my clients through.

And if you're like so many of them, you've probably held some of these common misconceptions about self love:

"Self love is selfish."

This one is so common. Many of us were told, somewhere along the way, that a "good" person puts others before themselves. 

Yes, service to others is important. And, the work for some of us is to actually strengthen our protection of our own sacredness. To have greater boundaries. To know how to meet our needs. To know how to take care of the tenderness inside us.

The truth: we do more harm than good when we chronically forego our own relationship to our self in service of others. We act out. We react. We are only half present with our loved ones. Our unloved pain will seep into our relationships with others & compromise them.

Real, good self love actually allows us to be more present, more loving, & kinder to others. We can't truly love others if we don't know how to offer that to ourselves.

"I'm too messed up to be fixed."

 What this translates to is: "I still turn away from myself when i'm struggling. I still haven't embraced every part of me."

The purpose of real, good self love is to embrace, to accept & to befriend all parts of ourselves... the parts of us that are deeply wounded, the parts that are looping in thoughts, the parts that are lost in a sea of shame & unworthiness. It's labeling those parts of us as nuisances, bad & wrong that prevents us from moving forward.

What i'll teach in this course is how to orient towards loving & protecting those parts, rather than fixing them.

As Rumi said, "the wound is where the light enters you."
It's learning how to love & take care of the parts of us that feel messed up that we find real self love.


"I've been trying to deepen my self-love for ages & nothing has really stuck, so this won't either."

This journey can seem like an uphill battle sometimes - I'm right there with ya. And what I believe we all need is a regular, repeated practice of self love, in the hard moments & in the good, to actually cement a new way of being within us.

You don't love yourself because you don't have the habit of doing so. That's why it hasn't stuck - because it's not a one-and-done thing. No way!

You'll learn in-the-moment tools for loving yourself with my Reparenting & Rewilding tools. These tools will - depending on your commitment - bring you back to your own embrace over & over again.

That's the stuff that sticks.


Imagine if...

There was a way to love & accept yourself, no matter what was happening


You could finally be kind to yourself, know how special you are & see that reflected to you in the world & in your relationships...


You could effortlessly set boundaries in your life because you know your worth


Your deepest wounds became the gateway to greater fulfillment in your life


You felt grounded in your own self worth

You could fully trust, let go & just receive the nourishment your soul craves

All of that is possible inside
the Sacred Cup

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Join now! 
Doors are closing soon.

When you join The Sacred Cup today, you'll also receive FREE support M-F with me over whatsapp voice messaging for 4 weeks. We'll make sure you're getting the support & guidance you need on your self love journey.

Who is this right for?

The overworked woman

She's been living life out of touch with her deeper joy & receptivity. She may be overworked (likely at her own fault), struggle with being able to just relax/receive, & constantly puts others first. Deep down, she doesn't really believe she's worthy of being nourished, joyous & rested. She may carry guilt around with her wherever she goes. She struggles with acceptance & self forgiveness. She is her toughest critic. Her work is to soften, accept herself & develop self worth in her worth - no matter the achievement.


The anxious woman

This is the woman who may experience intense anxiety when it comes to relationships and/or life in general. She struggles with self-worth & gets into relationships/situations that are not healthy for her. She struggles with feelings of desperation when it comes to romance/life & may have abandonment fears.


Deep down, she doesn't feel worthy & may rely on outside attention to feel okay. Her work is to ground more deeply into her own soul & love herself, which is exactly what this course will teach!


The woman who was told she was nothing

This course if for the woman who was told, somewhere along the way, that she was nothing. She still hears that voice in her head. Maybe it started from a family member, or a past partner, & as a result she has little confidence & self-worth. 

This course will help you excavate the lies of shame & create a space for your inherent worthiness, inner beauty & innocence to grow. It will teach you how to love that part of yourself & learn who you actually are... which is deeply deserving & worthy.

The woman 
longing for 
soul love

This is the woman whose heart is yearning for a deep, soul love. Maybe she's never experienced that, or she doesn't believe it's possible.


This course will help build your self-worth & connect you to your inherent worthiness. From that place, the process of meeting your match will be expedited. With greater self-worth & the tools of knowing your yes & no, you'll be able to say no to the wrong people, & call in the right ones.


The avoidant woman

This is the woman who runs away - from others & from herself. She is afraid of being with her own pain & therefore keeps people at an arm's length.


Deep down, she doesn't truly trust herself... & therefore, others. Inside, she feels frozen & perhaps, that no one will ever truly love & accept her.


The woman who desires more

This woman has a deep desire & longing for more. She looks around at her life & questions how she got here, but she's ready to set out on a new journey. A journey of coming back to herself & living from her soul. She craves more depth, more magic, more aliveness.


This course will teach you how to operate from the soul compass by way of orienting to soul desires. It will guide you back to your authentic self & will help you to stay in the Zone of Receiving, where your soul & deeper alignment leads the way.

The woman who has hit rock bottom

This woman's self worth has been almost completely decimated. Whether it was a failed relationship, money troubles, or her world just crumbling around her, she is need of a serious self love reset.


This course will bring you back home to yourself. It will help you reconnect with your purity. It will help you to remember your magic & begin receiving love back into your system.


Essentially, this is for you if...

You want a deep & beautiful relationship to yourself, one that sets you free from the constant feeling of "not good enough" or "not worthy."


You've worked on your relationship to yourself before, but you're overwhelmed by old patterns & shame in the tough moments.


You understand the importance of self love, but you still don't actually feel worthy of receiving - or know how to open yourself up to receiving.


You are tired of feeling disconnected from your joy, your inner beauty & your deservingness. You're ready for something different.


You want a powerful, simple system to come home to yourself & feel worthy of receiving all your soul desires.

On the flip side, this course is not for you if...

You're not willing to do the work to change your habitual patterns of self-abandonment & low self worth


You're not willing to let go of relationships & aspects of your life that are not aligned with your soul (or majorly upgrade them)

You're not willing to take full responsibility for your healing & are still blaming others for your suffering


Hello! I'm Christina. It's lovely to meet you.

I'm a spiritual guide & mentor of soul alignment, relationships & self love. I help women cultivate wholeness so they can live in alignment with their soul & open up to holy receiving in all areas of their lives.


My passion is in helping women remove the blocks of shame & low self worth so they can receive that which their soul is longing for.

I'm a forest-elf, a musician & a poet at heart. My passions include: spending time in nature, the mystical arts, making music, spending time with my beloved & channeling my experiences & wisdom for the greater good.

I've spent the last 8+ years deep in the world of self-love, healing, energy work, inner union & more. I've apprenticed under a shamanic healer, ran my own intuitive energy healing business, studied with experts in the realms of sacred union & relationships & learned/experimented with all sorts of healing modalities. Now, I'm excited to share what I've learned with the world & impact the lives of others.

Why I created this course:

Simply put: I created this course because I needed this course.

I used to live in a place of low self worth.
I used to dream of having a man that would devote to me, but I didn't believe I was ever going to be treated that special by anyone.
I used to feel desperate with men & in relationships, vying for their attention.
I used to feel buried in my own unprocessed emotions without a clear understanding of what to do & how to move through them.
I used to think there was just something wrong with me. That I was messed up. That I needed to run away or fix my pain.
I used to feel so confused, so lost & so alone in my feelings.
I used to abandon myself over & over again, feeling hopeless & that there was something wrong with me, because I didn't understand what was happening. And why. 

In essence, I didn't have a roadmap for moving from low self worth, low self esteem, and self abandonment to self love, self acceptance, and worthiness. 
I didn't actually know what it felt like to feel worthy of what I desired.
I didn't see myself as sacred & holy.
I didn't know how to cultivate wholeness within myself.

That's why I created this course - because I want to provide that roadmap for you. 

Praise for Christina...

Christina is a truly gifted intuitive healer. Her ability to pierce into the roots of what is behind an issue is a gift. Her work has profoundly helped me move through past trauma that had been hindering me for years.


- B.R.

Christina was so down to earth and had a presence about her that made me feel so at ease and comfortable right away. I learned a lot during my session. Truly connected dots in ways I never expected. I left feeling amazing, with tools to help me stay that way. I would highly recommend her. She truly is a beautiful soul. 

- K.A.

Christina is an exceptionally gifted healer and visionary. She has a way of truly connecting me to my own highest guidance. Just her presence and her methods seem to do this.


- J.B.

What's inside
The Sacred Cup


Pillar 1: Come Home / the Mother

Pillar 1 is about coming back home to yourself.


In Pillar 1, you'll:


  • Look at where you are now in your "home"

  • Build your relationship with your inner child

  • Learn how to sooth your inner child with my Reparenting 101 techniques

  • Learn how to work with difficult emotions and use your pain as the gateway to your self love


Pillar 2: Fortify / the Father

Pillar 2 is about getting bigger.


It's about creating the boundaries, standards & structure in your life to feel safe, protected & in your worth.


In this pillar, you'll:


  • Use my No to Yes Method to tap into your anger to help you set boundaries & create standards in your life

  • Get crystal clear (and potentially a little pissed off) about all the ways you've not stood in your worth & continue to not stand in your worth

  • Learn how to set boundaries in a healthy and clean way

  • Tap into your power and fierceness


Pillar 3: Receive & Embody / the Holy Child

Pillar 3 is about receiving.

This pillar is about the Holy Child energy, which represents your divine beingness, rooted in self-love & in authentic alignment to your soul. Your Holy Child is your feminine & masculine energy integrated together into one form. This is the space in which the magical receiving, the blessings, the soul attunement & the connection to the divine takes place.


In Pillar 3, you'll:


  • Learn the art of receiving & being filled up with the Sacred Cup practice

  • Learn how to live your life from alignment to your authentic, whole, worthy self & feel blessed by life with my Zone of Receiving system

  • Learn how to become the magnet for what your soul desires so you can relax & receive exactly what you're meant to... and what your soul craves

  • Strengthen your intuition 

  • Discover what lights you up and turns you on

Join the Sacred Cup now!
Doors are closing soon.


In addition to all of the above, you'll also receive:

When you join The Sacred Cup today, you'll also receive FREE support M-F with me over whatsapp voice messaging for 4 weeks. We'll make sure you're getting the support & guidance you need on your self love journey.

Video Recordings

 ($500) to help integrate concepts into your awareness/consciousness

Reparenting 101

($300) to provide you with in-the-moment tools to hold your inner child & work through emotions

Guided journeys, meditations & clearings

 ($500) to help integrate concepts into your awareness/consciousness

No to Yes Method

($300) - my method for using past experiences of anger as fuel for what you want

Zone of Receiving System

($400) to teach you exactly how to remain connected to your soul & open yourself up to receive

The Sacred Cup practice

($200) - learn a daily somatic practice to teach your body what it feels like to receive

Join today for only



What kind of a process will this be?

Each pillar (module) has several lessons that will be accessible via an online course platform.

Each lesson will have an activity/homework and some will also have a guided meditation.

This is a self-paced course and you can work through the pillars at whatever pace is needed for you.

Will this course give me practical steps for how to self-soothe/calm down in difficult moments?

Yes! The entire first pillar will be centered around reparenting & how to hold, process & understand intense emotions (usually coming from our inner child).

How will this be different from other courses on self love?

I've not come across any framework like the one I teach. This integrates ancient wisdom on inner marriage and the fusion of polarities within to embody the soul.


This course doesn't ask you to bypass your pain, change yourself, or become anyone you're not.


And, it's born out of my own rich experience, which you won't find anywhere else. 

How will the free whatsapp support look like?

Once a week (the day is up to you) for up to 4 weeks you'll send me a voice memo with any questions or just to share your process, and i'll answer any questions, provide support, and offer guidance as necessary. It is my deepest pleasure to be of service to you in the ways I can.

Will this course be available forever?

No. This course will be available for only a certain amount of time. Also, this will be the lowest price it is ever offered at - so get it now!


The free coaching via whatsapp will also only be available now.

Are there refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are accepted.

Copy of 292A5875.jpeg

So, dear one, if you've read this this far...

You have two options:

Continue to feel uninspired by your life, out of touch with your deeper self & cycling through patterns of shame, unworthiness & poor self love habits...


Or, be guided by a loving hand & a proven system for growing your self acceptance, fortifying your self worth & aligning with your soul so you can begin living the life made exactly for you.


Imagine where you could be in just one month from now...

You're ready to love & honor yourself & feel worthy of that which you desire


You're ready to stop listening to those voices in your head that say you're not worthy or good enough


You're ready to start letting love in... and feel like the holy, sacred woman you are


You're ready to feel worthy of all that you desire

You're ready to just let go, relax & trust 

You're ready to feel lit up again... radiating the beauty of your soul

You're ready for the Sacred Cup.


Join today - doors close soon!

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