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Thanks for registering for the free class,
The Three Pillars of Self Love

Be sure to check your email for the link!

What we'll cover:

- My essential three step process for deepening your self love so you can align with your true self & begin receiving what your soul desires

- The three misconceptions about self love & how to move past them

- Why you don't need to be perfect or less "messed up" to love yourself- and what to do instead

- How to work with me more closely to come home to yourself & expand your self worth

About me:

Hi, I'm Christina!

I'm a spiritual seeker & teacher of soul alignment, relationships & self love. I help women claim their whole selves in order to live in alignment with their soul & open up to holy receiving in all areas of their lives.

I'm a forest-elf, a songstress & a poet at heart. My passions include: connecting to the natural world, the mystical arts, making music, spending time with my beloved & channeling my experiences & wisdom for the greater good.

I've spent the last 8+ years deep in the world of self-love, healing, energy work, inner union & more. I've apprenticed under a shamanic healer, ran my own intuitive energy healing business, studied with experts in the realms of sacred union & relationships & learned/experimented with all sorts of healing modalities.. Now, i'm excited to share what i've learned with the world & hopefully impact the lives of others.



Inside the free class, I'm sharing the exact strategies I've used in my own life & the lives of my clients. Don't miss it!

See you there!

Christina Kane

The Sacred Cup

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