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A woman's innocent desire

An innocent desire stems from the depth of a woman's pure heart.

The desire to be held as sacred. To receive the holy medicine of a particular type of beloved. One that honors her deeply. Holds her heart in the way she has learned to hold her own. Provides her with the balm her specific wounds need.

This isn't some sort of shortcut to the healing that we all have the responsibility of doing within ourselves.

This is a beautiful, nourishing support to that.

Sometimes it can be ruthless, the ways this love asks her to look at herself - it's not always butterflies & rainbows.

But this love will never cause her harm, ghost her, do anything to intentionally hurt her.

It's holy & pure.

Not necessarily easy, but pure.

When we're acting from a place of large amounts of unprocessed pain, refusal to deeply meet ourselves in our pain, or seeking outside fixes as a way to artificially fill a void... we run the risk of attracting the types of partners that will actually not be good for us, be healthy for us, or be the balm that will aid us in our own healing.

Sure, you may heal by way of having to go through a very painful experience that could have been avoided... but is that always the best way?

In my practice, I accentuate the importance of fully meeting ourselves & becoming intimate with our own wounded parts as the pre-requisite to even knowing what kind of a Beloved you truly desire.

The farther you go into the pain in a kind & loving way, the closer you get to the light within you that feels deeply worthy of being met & receiving nourishment in relation to others.

And it's from that organic process that you become prepared for inviting in & magnetizing a Beloved that will be holy & pure and of the highest & best for you, and their, journey.

- Christina Kane

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