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How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Partners

"The wrong partner" is another way to say "not the right partner for you at this time. Not a match to your deepest truest self."

When we are out of alignment & out of connection to our true self, we won't know who's right or who's wrong for us.

But, when we are plugged into the truth of who we are, the blessings & medicine that is designed just for us can find us, and not difficultly, either. It finds us because we're sending out the true frequency of our soul.

So, how do we plug into the truth of who we are? How do we become a magnet to the RIGHT people?

1. Know what your NO's are in a relationship

Use your previous relationship experiences... the ones that didn't feel good, the ones that showed you what is an absolute NO for you - use those to get clear on what you're prepared to say no to & have the strength to really hold your ground on that.

Example: if you've been with someone before who works all the time & consistently places work before the relationship, & that really just didn't feel nourishing, good, or safe to you - then stand by that. Know that that just won't be ideal. Won't be a good match. (It's up to you to figure out if you just don't prefer something vs. it's really going to be detrimental to you in the long term.)

2. Know what your YES's are in a relationship

Yep, you guessed it. This is the flipside to what your NO is in a relationship. Go through your NO's, and then notice what you would love. This is far more powerful than just knowing what you don't want - however we must also have healthy boundaries & standards in order to hold the space for what we truly do desire.

(I have some great tips for how to discern what your deep soul YES is in a partner in my Dream It to Receive It workbook.)

3. Nourish yourself & remove the desperation

Take away the neediness for a relationship & enjoy your own company. If you're searching for a partner from a place of desperation, your standards will be lower. Enjoy your own company, relish in it, take care of your inner child, deepen into your own sovereignty, get to know yourself... this is where the magic is. From that place, you can maintain your standards, your YES & your NO & pass the tests that may hook you into getting involved with people who actually aren't right for you.


Once you've laid this foundation, you have something sturdy & healthy to stand on. From this place, when potential partners walk into your life, you can say, "Does this resonate? Is this person actually what I'm looking for? Or am I getting involved simply because I want to fix my loneliness?"

You need something to compare potential suitors TO.

An unidentified motivation or draw to someone without any standards & boundaries is what leads to people "learning the hard way."

Identify your motivations, make sure this person aligns with what you actually want & proceed from there with self-awareness & empowerment.

You are special. You are sacred. Once you realize that, connect with your own beauty & develop standards for what you do & don't want, you'll stop repeatedly getting involved with the wrong people. And open the door to the right ones.

As always, reach out to me if you need any help. <3

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