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The Truth About Manifestation

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The truth about manifestation is it's really a process of magnetization, and the quickest and best way to orient to manifestation is to orient to your soul.

When you try to "manifest" from any place other than your soul and GOD... you won't be happy when said manifestation arrives.

Soul-inspired living is when your soul is in the driver's seat. And you therefore call in what your soul is craving.

Not your ego.

Not the wounded you that wants a quick fix.

Not the part of you living someone else's life.

And you'll know it's coming from your soul because when you actually pinpoint what your soul is wanting, it will instantly soften your body. It will create a sense of pleasure, relaxation, or some sort of physical sensation of "yes."

Why's it so important to magnetize from the soul?

Because when your soul is in the driver's seat, you're living according to your destiny.

How I see it: your soul has a mission, a specific plan, and a trajectory that it outlined before you came here.

Living according to this plan or blueprint is what will fulfill the depths of you.

It will satiate a soul hunger that the thing you think you want will not.

Why would we want to do anything but that?

And yet so many of us have our sights set on this or that thing that we think will fulfill us. That we think we want.

There have been moments in my life where I think the thing I need is a certain amount of money so I can be happy. Or a certain material item. Or maybe even a relationship.

I really think I want these things.

But when I feel into them, I don't feel a full body YES.

And that shows me that my soul isn't behind them.

Because the soul lives in the body.

And if your body isn't actually feeling the YES for what you're trying to "manifest," then it's a distraction. It's not what your soul actually desires.

What your soul desires is the thing behind the thing you want.

For example: "I want to make $5k on my business per month."

vs "I want wellness, a sense of purpose, and to share my gifts with the world."

That first one feels like it's floating in the air for me.

That second one feels resonant in my body. I actually feel a sense of pleasure in my body when I think of those things.

See what i'm getting at here?

It's not just deciding that you want this or that.

It's listening to your body, listening to your soul and learning how it speaks to you.

What are you actually longing for?

What is your soul longing for?

The answer to that question will instantly help you "manifest" better, because it will take the pressure off of you to "make it happen" only.

You'll also be working with the part of you that is already a magnet to everything that would make you truly happy.

Because remember: your soul uses desire to magnetize your destiny... what you're here to do/experience/have.

Now, you have to simply become more of yourself, by way of listening to your intuition and your body and figuring out what you actually desire.

And then the manifestations come through - because they're meant for you, and you're being yourself, so you're magnetic AF.

Here's an exercise:

  1. Tune into your soul and body and ask: what do I truly want right now in my life?

  2. What response do you get? Trust the first thing that comes.

  3. Then take the response you received (let's say it's community, for example). Ask yourself again, is it community that would truly nourish me right now?

  4. Notice how your body feels when you think of community. Do you feel more relaxed, or a sense of pleasure in your body?

  5. If yes, then you've made contact with what your soul is actually desiring right now. If no, then repeat the process again, continuing to ask your soul what it wants, and then testing it with your body.

  6. When you've found your golden soul desire, connect with the desire and the sense of pleasure in your body on a regular basis. The stronger it becomes, the closer it is to coming into your life.

I hope this helps you on your path of living your destiny and receiving what you truly desire.

Sending love,


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